Production and Sales

Today the factory is specialized in production of fine worsted fabrics as:

The structure of the worsted fabrics:

100% virgin wool
45% wool + 55% polyester
70% wool + 30% polyester
30% woll + 70% polyester
60% polyester + 40% viscose
Strech fabrics

In the assortment structure out of the total produced quantity of about 5.000.000 square meters of the worsted fabrics per year, dominated are mixed textiles.
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We can also at requirement assure the treatment with Teflon by DU PONT or scotchgard and superwash treatment.

A great part of our fabrics is for menswear: suits, trousers, coats, but our offer include also fabrics for women: tailor-made suits, skirts, jackets.

In sale during the last years there was an increase of the worsted fabrics share on the foreign countries. In the total sales of fabrics we carried out about 80% on the export.

Most of the production volume is exported on German, English, Italian, French, Canadian markets as well as to the United States of America , as "Dorobantul" S.A. has nearly 30 years experience on the international scene.

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